What can EightSevenSix.com do for you?

Basic General Consulting: $100 hour
Onsite Training: $100 hour
Server, Network, and Specialized Consulting: $125 hour
Keynotes, Presentations: $1,500 per 500 audience members.

Same day websites Basic package

Do you have an upcoming event you need to advertise on the web for a few weeks before the event? What about photographs and a website where everyone can log on that same evening to see photographs of your event for a month afterwards? We can photograph your event and then have an attractive website up the same day so your participants can log on and download the pictures at no charge. They can print or email the pictures from their own computer.
See basic examples of our work:

Mayor's State of the City Address
This event was held on Monday June 19th, 2006 and ended around 1pm. The Website with all pictures was completed and available on the web by 2 pm that same day. The Mayor's address was made available from the Website within an hour after I received it from her office.

Other Examples:

Pomona Welcomes new Superintendent Dr. Thelma Melťndez de Santa Ana
Chamber Installation

If you need a temporary website for parties, business meetings, graduations, etc. and you need it fast, call or email us!

We can also have pictures of your wedding, cincinera, new baby or other family events up on the same day as the event. Family back home want to see the pictures from another state, country? No problem!

Same day websites Full package

Our full package offers everything that is in our basic package plus the following services:
If you have guess speakers at your event, we can have their notes or PowerPoints downloadable from the web that same day or before if you give them to us.

Same day websites Deluxe package

Our Deluxe package offers everything that is in our Full package plus the following services:
We will provide you with 50 CDs with all the pictures and information from the event including the full website. You can resell these CDís to your participants for a suggested rate of $20 and recoup your investment in our service for your organization. (An additional 50 CDís are $250 or $5 each or you are welcome to make your own.) If you need security for your pictures or downloadable files we can provide password protected folders for your group. If you can provide us with digital logos etc., we can brand your website with your corporate colors and identity. We can provide links back to your corporate website and specialized ads as well. You can resell ad space to your participants for a profit. We just need them two weeks in advance.

Digital Marketing
$1,500 and up
Do you need a marketing campaign? We can make you business cards, logos, letterhead, etc. like a traditional printer, but we can also make you an additional Website, CD or DVD, and short commercial for about the same price as a traditional paper marketing campaign. We do templated business cards, web sites, Logos, etc. Custom designs by a professional artist can be arranged for an additional $1,000.

Fund Raising? Graduation? Sports Event?
Do you have a graduation, sporting event, etc. that you would like to leverage into a fund raising event? Contact us to discuss ways of leveraging the Web and other new technologies to raise funds for your group.

Need Technical Training?
EightSevenSix can bring computers, software, the Internet, and other technical equipment to you for onsite training. Call or email for a quote.

Need Data Converted?
Databases are a necessary part of todayís business world. If you are considering or have purchased a database and need your old data converted or manipulated in some way, call or email us for a quote.

Need Customized Technical Solutions Quickly?
(Database and Software Development)
Our extended team of associates can handle the most sophisticated customized computer tasks. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Purchase and Project Overview
Are you considering a large technology purchase? ($100,000+) Do you need a objective third party to help you to make decisions? Someone who isnít trying to sell you something? Call or email for a quote.

Technical Hiring and Interviews
Do you need help interviewing potential technical staff and personnel? Call or email for a quote.

Because we are a digital business, paperwork raises our costs. We have attempted to make all of our records and interactions with our clients completely paperless. You can lower your costs by receiving and paying our bills electronically. We offer up to a $50-$75 discount to our customers who pay our invoices electronically.